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  1. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    I am pretty sure i'm going to cut soon, I need the releif, and I deserve to be in pain. I have to cut, but I have a feeling thes are going to be some of my deeper ones... I don't know anymore. I just need to slice myself up good.
  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    WhatEVER makes you think you deserve it? You are one of the most caring people about. I know that deep down there are obviously some things that makes you feel you deserve it, but maybe you could try and see yourself for the person you are. Have you tried to build your selfesteem? Maybe that might hlep you see how much of a lovely person you are

    Only you can decide to whether or not to cut, but it is a choice and you can choose not to do it.

    You can choose to try and distrct yoruself from your urge, like holding ice, twanging yourself with an elastic band, stuff like that.

    but if you do decide to cut make sure that you have any appropriate medical supplies handy, and get yourself to hospital if you need it. Also remember to do the proper after care to not get an infection.

    If you do ever need to talk my PM box is always open.

    Hang in there Carolyn.

    Take care of yourself
  3. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    hon please dont i care about you too much too let you do this..iand i also happen to love going to call you right now..ok.
  4. blade

    blade Well-Known Member

    i agree that feeling is such a good feeling.

    but dont do it hun. i know it helps and stuf but l8er ull regret it.
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