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  1. k8ty

    k8ty Member

    i cut, last night i messed my arm up,after smashing my hand up from constant punching the walls, and now ive cut my legs up, cause i got no space on my arm, and cant cut the other arm cause my hand ... sounds messed up when i read it out ... but thats just who i am.
    the messed up thing about it is in this mood, i dont wanna stop, i wanna keep going until i bleed out or something, but, i know deep down, that once i am out of this mood, once i calm down and start to think better, then ill hate what has happened.
    even more messed up ......... i hate life.nothing in my life is not messed up....
  2. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    i get this kind of feeling a lot too, especially lately. idk if tht wud work for u but, maybe u cud try taking a hot bath for example, or holding ice cubes in ur hands. sometimes it helps me, sometimes it doesnt, but i'd say it's worth trying. 'sides ice cubes pinch nicely and don't leave any kind of scars at all. working out might also help, or spicy food [like lemon for example].
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