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Cyber bullying

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The girls I mentioned in my other post [http://suicideforum.com/showthread.php?t=22459] have seemingly struck again, in the form of comments online.

They've posted comments from school on my old personal website...these are what they said..

hello katie.
you big fat pikey.
with your fucking bug-eyed friend.
**** or something init?
i hope you get so fucking upset by this.
and dont go crying to your friends cuz guess what?
none of THEM care.
yeah i’ve spoken to everyone that go to your school.
no one cares.
im sorry but…
we hate you
omg how the fck can u say that
i know ur all like toootally awsome people dude but like could you just like take like.. a like chill pill? FUCK OFF. your so immature shes not awsome, shes fat a fat bitch woo gets everyfink she deserves shes a bully who has an eating disorder - she cant fucking stop it even WITH the braces
nufflve xXx.
how can u say shes nice do u even no her she fat pig she eats waaaaaaaaaaay to much and no one likes her

see i left my name im nt chicken
You make me sick.
You’re so F A T.
No one cares about you.
Youre up everyones ass in your school but no one fucking cares.
I think **** the only one whoreally likes you but thats because her eyes are too far apart to see ALL THE FAT.
You two fucking lesbians look the fucking same.
fat whore.
I aint even going to say ANYFINK. her fuckin big fat dirty hairy sweating “back” has got its own fucking time zone have u even met IT? ITs asking for a slap. maybe your the only one that cares about her, maybe u r katie trying 2 seem like you’ve got m8s, the only difference is… NO ONE CARES
fuckin dirty **** she makes me sick
taht fuckin child lies she made up a whole story about sum one givin her a black eye u dnt realli no dat fat slag

(and by the way i can spell but i refuse to)
The thing is I have done absolutely nothing to them
thats fucked up. its sad little girls like that become the death of people. i am in a similar situation but with the help of my mates and this site i have realised ppl have worse problems than me and i learnt to ignore it. you shouldnt let this get to you because they are scum at the end of the day and they aint worth the time of day.
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