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  1. daniel2

    daniel2 Banned Member

    i have depression. it seems to cycle. I'm good for a period of time (weeks/months) and then something comes up and it strikes me in such a debilitating way that I can't function. i can't read a book because i can't focus, anything requiring mental energy gets tossed aside. I try different things to cycle out but i feel like a fish that just flipped out of its fishbowl struggling to breathe.

    strangely enough, when I hit a low and come to this site it bumps me up a little and helps me get out of the cycle. don't know why but thanks for the site.
  2. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    It's good that this forum is place where you can come and express yourself and also feel abit better about things.

    Depression can make us feel trapped with no way out but this cycle can be beaten, you feeling better by being on this site is proof of that.
  3. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    It sounds like you have a pretty good handle of what is going on with yourself. As far as coming to the forum goes, you are welcome here when you need us the most.
    This is why I joined the forum. It makes me happy when I see someone who has a disease take back control of your life. I no what you mean about you can't read when you are depressed. I am a avid reader also. Here latley I can't focus on what I am reading. I am 25 books behind. The last book took me about three months to read. I would pick it up and read a chapter then i would lay it down and wouldn't pick it back up for about a week. It's not the book it is me.
  4. daniel2

    daniel2 Banned Member

    yup, I have an interesting book but can't bring myself to pick it up. It's been about 3 months since I started it. My brain just can't seem to manage the depression and anything complex. I am now leaning toward cartoons as entertainment which is pretty terrible. I think my brain is overworked on trying to cope with my day to day shit in the face of this depression. I still function because I have to but sometimes I would just rather sleep the day away.
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