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  1. Smashed__

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    I took this a long time ago, and for anyone THINKING of taking it..think hard. It didn't help with my depression and I temporarily lost the use of my legs. After it was out of my system, I was fine again. It isn't recommended for minors but It was recommended to me by phsycologist.
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    sorry, double posted
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    I took it for a month and as a female it wrecked my hair on my face, breakouts, wrecked my monthly cycle. This took about 5 weeks. Not as bad as Smashed_, but also bad experience.
  4. Darken

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    Im on it now. hasnt helped at all, pieces of shit. when i was on zoloft the only side effects it had on me was sexual ones erm heh probably shouldnt say them. but thats really bad what happened to you both.
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    Im taking 120mg Cymbalta per day and it should help me, but i dont know if it really does :( .Also taken an anti psychotic, mood stabilizer, Rivotril, ethumina and/or diazepan.
  6. silent_enigma

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    Zany side effects! My doc was considering cymbalta, but my insurance doesn't cover it, I think, so we went with something else. Now I'm really glad!