Cynthia is a lying *****!

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    Well, that proves it! It seems that somehow, someway, she lied to me. Either she did have a US Passport, or she lied on that website about living in California, because I'm sure she lived in Canada when I was dating her in February, though there is no way she could have got a passport so soon, unless she lied, though why would she go to California now, when she could have gone to Illinois to be with me then. Ultimately, she lied to me about how she couldn't be in a relationship anymore due to her mental illness, yet she is on that site claiming that she wants a serious relationship.
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  2. LetItGo

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    Its fucking outrageous if what you suspect is true. I find it hard to believe she just up and moved from Canada to California in a matter of month if she had no passport...

    Im so sorry this has happened Kurt, but like I said in MSN..your so much better of finding out about this now, rather than further down the road. You really dont want to be involved with somebody thats capable of carrying out that sort of deception about something so important. :(
  3. Scum

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    unfortunately this happens all to often on websites.

    I have been brutally lied to both IRL and on the web.

    Try not to blame yourself if this turns out to be true, try to put it down to experience and learn from it.

    Hang in there and take care of yourself
  4. Terry

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    It is better to find out now Kurt, nothing worse than finding out that the person you've given your heart to has been lying and deceiving you for months:dry:
    Better to cut and run hun, she aint worth the grief.
  5. Robin

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    I'm sorry it seems that she has deceived you, must hurt like hell to fall for someone, have them reject you and then catch them out in a massive lie, am sorry she did that to you Kurt.
  6. Marshmallow

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    Kurt, it's better you found out know than six months down the line. At least now you can move on and find someone you will have the decenty to tell you the truth about themselfs :hug:
  7. ~CazzaAngel~

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    Ooohh hun, I'm so sorry she should not have used you and lied to you like that. But as Viks said atleast you found out before things got more serious. I don't know how people can behave like that, it's cruel. Take care of yourself hun, sorry we haven't talked lately... I haven't been well. If you need to talk you can call me. (but I haven't been well lately, so i've missed calls the pasts couple weeks)

    :hug: :hug:
  8. Thank you everyone for your support :hug:. I'm trying, though it's still difficult. I received an offline msn message today from a friend of Cynthia's, telling me that Cynthia still lives in Canada. So, I still wonder about it.