D-Day 70

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Twocky61, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    Seventy years ago today
    Was the very well known D-Day
    The war came to an end & went
    So many lives were spent
    For peace to make a way

    Now soldiers old & retired
    Remenber their friends who expired
    In war they fought side by side
    For all our sakes wide
    Now they are old & tired

    What is the point of war?
    All the horrors they saw?
    They often reminisce the good times
    The bell chimes
    Seeing their fallen friends no more

    Did they die in vain?
    Soaked in the rain
    Do we appreciate their sacrifice?
    That they paid the price
    Do we in the main?

    Was it all for nothing?
    All their crushing
    They must think why did they bother
    The country is in such a lather
    So much pushing

    So let's give a big cheer
    For our soldiers who paid so dear
    Their lives they gave for us
    Without a fuss
    Give them a beer
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  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    You got me at it too lol

    Upon the sands they lay,
    Youth and hope cut short.
    Bleeding, dying, helpless,
    Their bravery at nought.

    Then, amidst the guns and fire,
    Through the mist and noise.
    Boats of every kind and sort,
    Came to get our boys.

    English blood lay on that sand,
    And England heard their cries.
    The Thames, awash with floating hope,
    Cried "King and Country" to the skies.

    Our dying men needed help,
    And across the sea, it made it's way.
    England rallied to the cause,
    On this most glorious D-Day.
  3. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    We're poets Terry and did not know it :)
  4. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    Grandad tells us about the war
    All the horrors he saw
    We ask did he shoot any Germans
    Ones called names like Herman
    Or just punch them in the jaw

    Grandad mentions his time in the jungle deep
    Fuzzy Wuzzies sleep
    Fuzzy Wuzzies spears drawn
    Approach no nearer they warn
    Or your blood will seep

    Grandad drove his tank
    In the deep mud it sank
    Mortars fired
    Turret highered
    Aimed at the bank

    Army Navy Airforce too
    All of the same crew
    Yanks 101 Airbourne
    Equivalent to our SAS sworn
    Nothing new
  5. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    What does humanity gain by war?
    It costs too much and leaves hearts too sore
    The heart of the problem lies deep inside
    Humanity's soul, and it's always pride
    in its various hues ....
    It's never good news to take revenge
    it costs the lives of those we send
    off, to claim in the name of 'right'
    justice for grievance - relishing 'fight'
    only prolongs the blind dark night.

    There, you two up there, you got me at it - 3!!
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