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    Well count down is on now until gp appt, to hopefully finally get help started with treatment for - ended up changing to another as original had been useless.

    Really nervous though, last appt with her two weeks ago, sent for blood tests and discussed all options but nothing could be put into place until results back. Doesn't help that i've managed to loose the questionnaire she gave me to complete, only realized this morning, calling surgery to ask if they could print another but only gp can and wont be able to before my appointment so feeling anxious about that as I was supposed to take it completed with me.

    Something I hadn't mentioned to gp initially was fact that I had started self harming again, something not done for years but started past two months. Every now and again to begin with, just hold against skin did job but built up and couldn't stop the one day until a phone call switched me out of it. Kinda shook me up how i'd been able to cut so much and stopped for a while but happened again yesterday.

    I don't know how to explain it, guess wondering if anyone else suffering similar, depression with self harm aswell. Have you explained to gp about self harm, do you have to show them? Panicking i'm going to be carted off somewhere or they're going to speak to parents / authorities (have a 3yr old and am back living with parents as couldn't cope on my own)
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    Hi hun i hope your gp helps you fill out the form while you are there Tell your gp ok that you are self harming again you don't have to show I hope you do get started on treatment soon so thatyou can get more stable for you and your child hun. Let us know how your appt goes ok hugs
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