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Is it possible if something really bad happened to you as a child then you make new personalities to cope.i think I hid who I am.i dont have proper sense of smell or hearing.i associate having these things as being psychotic.i have no one to tell mw whats real or not.the doctors just say im delusional.what should I be smelling ?
my friend says that she thinks she has did. I forget how many personalities she has, I think it's more than five. She talked to her therapist about it and her therapist said that it is something real

I don't know what is going on with the smell and hearing issues

I hope that there is a way that you can get better

:hug: :hug: :hug:
who doesn't want you around?

I think that if you have mental health issues, people are often not very understanding. If the world were fair, people would try to help people when they are having trouble rather than pushing them away

we want you around right here on the forum!


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I havent been unwell in5 years so its not like ppl see me as mentally ill if u understand.i dont kbow if im starting to get unwell.
No one wants me.no one rings me or texts me.everyone ignores me outside like ppl I know.im not imagining this I swear.i have no friends and no man comes near me.my family are the only contact I have and they are horrible to me.i cant take the.isolation anymore
I think that a lot of people are isolated, whether they have mental health issues or not. I just think that society is pretty dysfunctional

maybe therapy could help?
maybe you would like to get a dog?

I think that there is community that you can find out there, but it can be difficult sometimes


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I agree with may71 that a way to start getting some answers and getting out of isolation - could possibly be a counselor or therapist.

As far as DID goes - a therapist would have to evaluate to see what you are experiencing.

Sensory blocks like smell, hearing etc can be a physical problem or a result of trauma without it being DID - it could be dissociation of just one incident or one somatoform reaction.

Either way a trained counselor is able to give you the resources and tools you need to understand what you are experiencing and to help you come out of isolation, learn social cues, and help you to feel better about yourself.

I am sorry that you don't have a safe feeling home environment. Keep posting how you are doing. This forum has supported me through some bad times - it really can help.

Take care of yourself :hug:


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Im seeing a therapist.i dont need to learn social cues.i dont know why everyone thinks im some kind of weirdo.no one speaks to me or wants me.its through no fault of my own.


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I am so sorry if it sounds like I think you are at fault - nothing of the kind - just me talking too much - and trying to help

Please forgive me for causing you any pain....

I'll shut up - just know people do care!

I wish you the only the best...

Please accept my apology :sad:


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starryeyed: your thing with smells is not unusal at all. i have had an issue with smell taste and sound for 18 months or so and no one could explain it, and then suddenly a few weeks ago my ptsd psych told me its an anxiety issue...hyperarousal...blah blah blah but it made sense at last...all your senses are heightened..taste, sight, ears, smell...constantly looking for danger....i went through it for so long before it got explained properly to me.
i can smell things i havent cooked for years, for example, right now i can smell what i can only describe as cheese on toast and no way will i make toast or cook cheese, its anxiety, so dont worry aboiut it.
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