Dad, I miss you

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    My dad was working in Afghanistan for nearly a year, not as a soldier just working in logistics. We all worried the first few months, but it became the norm after a few more. We all thought if something did happen, it would be war involved or something,
    He caught his arm on a piece of wire, he went to the medic tent and they fixed him up, ( he said in an email to me they did a shit job of it )
    that night he passed away,
    He had had two medicals before he left, both gave him perfect health.
    He was more than my dad, he was my best friend.
    He was someone no one can ever replace!

    Colin. J. M. 27 April 1957- 15 September 2009
    Rest in Peace

    Every Thing Happens for a Reason
    Good or Bad, There is a reason

    I love you Dad,
    mike........ ;(
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    I am so sorry your dad was there fighting the cause in his way. My brother just spent 2 tours there as well. I hope you have some grief coucilling to help guide you through this pain You need this Can you call doctor and ask himor her to set you up with some. I am glad you came here to let some of this pain out
    Take care as i know no words will lessen your pain now but know your dad would want you to happy. Can you do something to help commemorate you dad
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    I heart for you. No Dad here either, well different... I'm so sorry. I wish for more justice.
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    really sorry to hear that. don worry he will be there watching you from the sky.
    i'm glad that you shared your pain to us all. sharing will keep your mind free and relaxed.. so keep sharing