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    Everything i wish to be came from you.
    What happened?
    What happened to chivalry, to all that stupid but wondrous romanticisms?
    Why are you buying this fascist crap?
    We are not fascists, we have no fascist blood.
    Your ancestors came from the Wiemar republic, idiot.
    So stop with the thin disguises.
    Why do you need a symbol to hide behind?
    And since when were you racist?
    A change in location, friends?
    It's fucking cowardice.
    Oh, and what happened to honor, to self-respect?
    You cheat on the girl you cheated on my mother with.
    I know it's an "Open" relationship or whatever, but it hurts her.
    No i won't tell her, I'm your son, I love you.
    But why, after you raised me like this?
    Why are you doing this to me.
    And now with your whole pornography thing.
    Of course she's not okay with it, are you really surprised she doesn't want you sleeping with other women, for everyone to see?
    Who cares how bad of a financial situation you're in, it's not like you ever paid child support or anything anyway.

    You were my black night,
    my modern-day Samurai.

    You made me a romantic.
    You made me unfit for this age.
    You better fucking suffer for the greater good with me, Dad.
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    I don't really know what to say to this right now, but I just wanted to let you know that I've read your post and that, if you'd like to talk some more, you're always free to email me or add me on MSN (Ishy87[a]gmail[dot]com).

    Sending hugs your way :hug: :hug:
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    The funny thing is, i don't live with him anymore, so it really shouldn't affect me. but it does. I just know he's capable of being so much stronger.