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    So, quick splurg on my behalf,

    1. mum and dad got devorced
    2. dad gives money from house to me so he can keep claiming benifits
    3. dad gives me money to buy a motorbike out of spite -mum didn't want me to have one-
    4. I move away from him after he assulted me out of the house and beat me down a flight of stairs
    5. I have 23K of money in my bank account, that is leagally mine, but morally his
    6. I send 20K back to him, I needed some money as he turfed me out injust the clothes I was wearing, I took my bike also
    7. I live happily
    8. 28/10/2008 - I get stopped routine check, turns out I'm riding a 'stolen bike' with no insurance.
    9. Got arrested, chucked in cells

    At this point I found out that wen I left my dad ordered a V5 for the bike before I changed my address, he then signed the bike into his name and reported it stolen, as he did so he invailidated my insurance..

    He did this out of spite for me and that I had kept back 3K of 'his' money so I could live.

    I got bailed and I know have to go back to grimsby to attend for questioning, no bike no way of getting down there.

    The only thing is, i've spoken to my solicitor and my dad has committed 2 counts of fraud, something about wasting police time and theft.

    So to clear my own name -I've done nothing wrong- I have to drop him in the shit.

    Franky I cannt cope witht he stress and emotions, I haven't been able to sleep and I'm prone to breaking down.

    Anyway, >.> yeah.
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    I was wondering what happened to you Katsu. :hug:
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    hey sweetie

    your dad's a ************ :mad: :mad:

    as you know i am here anytime you need to talk xx
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    You do not owe your dad anything better than he was willing to do for you. He turned you in for something you didn't even do. He chose to do the things he did so he should have to pay the price for his crimes. Sorry it has to be you, but you are actually doing him a favor.
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    I love you x and you know i'm here for you.

    I didnt know you had made this post x