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    why does he do it?
    i was on a fucking high then i ask hime ONE thing and he fucking kicks off.
    he goes mad with me over that?
    what is the point?
    i know im fucking useless but does he have to remind me?
    he yells at me for doing college work then i say i need too and he goes mad! threatens to kick me out because i never spend time with him. OMG! he wants me to do well in college he wants me to get A/B's to do that i NEED to do my work. i need to go to college. but he goes mad. im saorry i didnt empty the dishwasher i was a bit busy trying not to fail!
    i wish he would get his priorities right :furious:
    im not fucking perfect no-one fucking is. im selfish i know. u keep telling me. im sorry mum died, im sorry i cant take her place in the household. you expect too much of me. im sorry but you do. u expect me to do my college work and ALL thew houseohld chores. u expect me to get good grades when i never have chance to do the blasted work because im runnin errands for you. yes i know your busy with your work buti am too. cant you see that? cant u tell im not coping? you remind me its my 18th soon and i will be an adult and have to do MORE responsibilities... what else can i do? i do everything! i look after my brothers i sort the dog out i do the shopping i do everything! then u complain at me for doing MY work what i NEED to do. i do my work to please you. make mum proud but u dont want that no more do you? u want me to be mum. i cant. i cant run a house. i may be 18 but im not ready for that and yes i know i dissappoint you nd mum vut i TRY so damned HARD to please u.but no matter how much i try its never enough for you is it? you want more. then when i do more you wany even more!
    are you ever going to be proud of me? are you ever going to love me?

    i love you dad so damned much it hurts. and i always do everything u want so i can just get that one "well done i'm proud of you" or "good job" never get it though do i, i only get criticism.

    Am never going to get it am i?

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    Your dad will certainly be proud of you when you let him read this text of yours here. I guess you just let it bottle up inside of you. Tell him. If he doesn't get it move out. He will realize how important you have been.
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    Love you, hunny. Wish so much that I could make him see how wonderful you are and how lucky he is to have you. Don't blame yourself. You're doing so much, so proud of you for that.

    Big hugs. Wish I could help :sad:

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    You're not useless. You are doing a good job. We all want to hear that from our parents. It's painful when we don't. You most definitely deserve to hear it though. I'm proud of you. You're a great person :hug:
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    :hug: thanks spencer :wub: