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    My dads dead

    I think it's my fault if I spent more time with home if I came over on more weekends if I told him I loved him more if I chose him instead of mom if I didn't start to grow up and not stay his little girl maby he would still be alive I balme myself eventhough I know I shouldn't eventhough I know he wouldn't want me to but i still do and always will
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    I lost my dad at a young age.
    I only seen him for like a week every two months.
    I have always been angry at myself for not telling him i loved him more, and not asking to see him more often.

    But whats done is done, and im sure both of our fathers know now that we love them with every ounce of our being.
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    I am so sorry for your loss, and as you said you should not blame yourself...we all recite the things we should have done when we lose someone and none of us is perfect enough to not have a long list...please be kind to yourself; you have been through enough...J
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