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Daddy it Hurts *Possible Trigger*

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That really moved me!!I have a child and a grandchild and could never even imagine doing something so evil to either one of them. Predators like that need to be locked away for ever..


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Wish I could cry....
The tears were turned off long ago
Sounds so familiar
Yet, I lived...I lived a nightmare
The words, "Daddy, please don't..don't" only fueled the fire within him
The disconnect was a blessing - to see the blood on her body and wonder why it no longer hurt
To be beaten until she QUIT crying, at such a young age - nearly impossible
Yet she managed so i could live
This is a very accurate rendering of what does happen
I know

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Nothing can be said just reality so many children i wish to god it never happened tears that all survivors yes but never whole never the same. Just sad terrible horrible sad


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WOW! WTF. I've never understood how a parent, the ones who are meant to be there to protect us, care for us and love us can do such horrible things to children. :cry:


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i find this very frightening
especially the thought that this is far more common than i could ever have dreamed possible

the bravery of you young people never ceases to amaze me
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