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Dad's birthday


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Would have been dad's birthday today :sad:
Stupid me went and bought a card.
Just seems so strange him not being here :sad:


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It's not stupid. **gentle hug**

My father passed in 1996. I still buy him cards, and he was into lottery tickets...so i buy him a ticket, a card, write a note, and i stuff it in the hole under the vase on his grave.

I watch the tree that was planted near him, how it grows each year. I go and I talk to him. I cry. i yell. I apologize profusely to him.

It's not easy, hun. **hug**
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No not stupid Terry.
the first year my Mum died I bought her a card and wrote on it..I still have it almost 8 years later
they will always be in our hearts *hug*


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i didnt have a father growing up and i was homeless, but my fallen mates in the army has always been in my mind, every anzac day my mates would go to the pub and buy a drink, we also buy a drink for our fallen comrades. its not stupid of you in any way, its just a way of you remembering your father, just as the same way i remember my mates

be happy with what you have, your father loved you and would wantyou to be happy :)

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