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dadyy xxxx

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ok. let it all out. here we go....
nealry 2 months ago my dad died. since then ive had alot of dreams about him. but nothing scary. nothing grusome n horrible. its me and him, sometimes my brother, out bowling or at a rugby match, in the pub or walking around the shop. just asif he werent dead. we talk about everything going on in our lives right now. asif he was still living. i love these dreams so much but sometimes i just wish i didnt have them. because when i wake. hes gone. the dream is over and its like loseing him all over again. then again what if i dont wake. i could be with him forever. but theres apart of my fighting. willing me on. yet the rest of me just wants my daddy back. i just dont see why he had to go. why he couldnt just quit smoking. he was the most amazing man ever. he was a genius. i dont see why its the good guys that die first. why do all the good people get the sh**y end of the stick.... i miss you daddy xxxx
peopel said itd get easier. but it only gets harder the longer hes gone xx
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Sorry to hear about your dad. As somebody who has also experienced death and bad dreams, I can tell you that the pain never goes away but with time, you start to live your life again and it does get easier. Stay strong and know that your father loved you. Live your life like he would have wanted you to. Big hugs.


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This is odd, my dad passed recently and I've been having very similar dreams.
Have woken up crying the dream has been so real. :hug:


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As has been suggested above, it's very common after losing a loved one to have many dreams of them afterward.

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I'm still lucky enough to have my aging father. I'm very glad your dreams of him are pleasant.


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sorry for your loss...i lost my dad a few years ago, and never had time to grieve for him as i was full time carer for my OH. it is normal to have dreams like you say ....i have only just started to have them about my dad, mixed with my OH who recently died...it really tears you up, my dad was brill, and i miss talking to him. you will always miss him, but he would not want you to do anything, you will be with him as some stage but he wouldnt want you to pick that time.

as hard as they are, enjoy the memories of your dad, you can still talk to him, while he is in your heart he is never far away. :console:
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