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Daily accomplishments

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I started using a rather pretty notebook as a means of combating the day-to-day feelings of worthlessness.

Daily Accomplishments:

Friday: Spent 3 hours volunteering for the British Heart Foundation.

Saturday: 1) Visited grandad, did all washing and drying up, made drinks for
everyone, was not selfish (did not hog the tv or the comfy
chair :P ) (NOTE: Grampa ALWAYS has his favourite chair, but
I tend to grab the other really good one away from my sisters...)

2) Managed to avoid arguments with teenage sister ALL DAY (an
absolute rarity!).

Sunday: Looked up four jobs to apply for- next step is to actually stop
panicking and DO the damn thing- send my resume and intro letter!

It's a way of making myself see that I DO useful things everyday. If you see a little light, even just a flicker of it in otherwise dark hours, it lifts your spirit immeasurably.


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Thats is awesome. I do similar things, always writing lists of what i want to acheive, and cross them off. I think it is an excellent way to keep focused on goals and to work up to being where you want to be. Keep it up... and of course, it always has to be in a pretty notebook! I have loads of them!!

Keep up the good work!

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