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im sorry if we have something like this on this site already..but im too lazy to find it and so i shall start one. so just post whatever random thing comes to your mind..and you can post however many you want in a day!


Watch your step by the crowd of fanatics
While they kill in the name of applied mathematics
Hate the system even though you invented it
Go kill your brothers and claim self defence of it
Picking up all the secrets and tricks to being
One of the guys whom the shit never sticks to
Take you seats for the final calamity
Don't you look serious, hell, what can the matter be?
Another day and the rot's getting faster
And all the machines started killing the master

Some amazingly poetic lyrics from the wonderful David Ford.


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there once was a lady from twickenham
whose shoes were too tight to walk quick in em
she came back from a walk
looking whiter than chalk
took em both off, and was sick in em



"Awh...... I just found some jaffa cakes in my coat pocket. RESULT!" :D

from the brilliance that is SPACED.
"I had a dream, we went to see Harry Potter 7 and the film had finished but it went *insert film rewinding noise here, since I can't even attempt to type her impression* and I thought, ok, and I sat back down, and the credits were rolling, with the bloopers at the other side, and Draco got turned into a toad but with this one big human toe...you know, a big huge hairy human toe..."

The genius that is Fiona :D
''Sure - whatever ya say - you fat piece of horse carcass''

(Some random thing I said to a friend when I was angry with him earlier today)
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''The pressure's too great'' - A friend talking about a buildup of gas after a chicken vindaloo earlier

(Apologies, but it was very funny at the time!)
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