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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Fleurise, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. Fleurise

    Fleurise Well-Known Member

    Early morning and the sun has woken
    I too have roused from dreary sleep
    The bird are chirping morning chorus
    And now I have to start again

    Why oh why cruel world
    Must each and every day be the same
    Please give me some reprieve
    Allow me some hope today

    Aches and pains to start me day
    First the neck and back to stretch
    Then the knee that need to move
    Finally the fingers bend and stiff

    And then I try to stand and move
    Hips and leg bend with the pain
    Oh to stand is such a mission
    With won't they give me permission

    On to breakfast I must go
    To take to meds to ease this load
    But then my throat it seems does boast
    Not now not ever must you breathe

    And so for hours I must cough
    To remove this stuff I must
    Oh why should my nose and throat complain
    It's only morning time again.

    I think it's settle for a while
    Time to bathe and dress for day
    So in the bath I go again
    Once more into the abyss I lay

    Coughing, pain and torment here
    No relief for my in here
    Hips complain of hard bath surface
    As I bathe my tears away

    Next to dress, another mission
    Shoulders ache as top goes on
    Trousers land a deathy blow
    As leg goes in my hip gives way

    The pain of it leaves my alone
    Stuck inside my little cell
    And in there more and more think
    How much of this that I can take.

    On and on my day goes on
    An end in sight I see at last
    The night has come and bed is soon
    Maybe just maybe I can rest

    But no alas not now not ever
    For tonight not rest I get
    But coughing pain and more unrest
    So up I get for one more round

    Hours later spent from troubles
    All hunched over and forlorn
    I stumbled up the hall to bed
    Knowing nothings meant to last

    Sleep at last well that's a change
    But in morn the same each day
    It's little things that keep me going
    Just hope those stay and never fade.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I hope you have many little things in your life hun that will bring you joy and take away some of the physical pain you are enduring hugs
  3. Professor_Spiff

    Professor_Spiff Well-Known Member

    Fleurise, friend, I didn't realise you were in so much pain :( . I'm sorry, I wish I could ease it for you, but at least I can try bring a smile to your face :) like you do whenever you talk to me
  4. NYJmpMaster

    NYJmpMaster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    :hug: I am so sorry - so many people do not understand how difficult the simplest things are when in such pain and how much the physical pain effects out ability to cope with the other things in life....
  5. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member


    Thank you so much for sharing this...you are so talented and your words evince such pain and courage and the ability to endure what many could not even imagine. I am so very sorry that you have to live with this level of pain on a daily basis, but I'm also proud of you for having such a wonderful and gentle soul that you can paint this picture for us on paper and let us into your world for just a moment. It is heart rending but yet allows for hope and endurance and such bravery to face each day and be so very loving like you are....this was a brilliant piece.

  6. Fleurise

    Fleurise Well-Known Member

    Look out for poem "Little Blessings" to come in the near future. Thanks everyone, this was only meant as a way to let it out.
  7. Fleurise

    Fleurise Well-Known Member

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