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Okay, this is pretty long and depressing, so don't read it unless you're
a vivid reader:

For all my life, I've always been ostracized from the human community, for unknown reasons. I don't understand, I'm nice, smart, and always gentle with people. Yet I can't fit in with others my age, or even infants for that matter. All I ever get is mercilessly bullied, and I've yet to make any friends. In order to hide this pain, I've turned to seeking friends through internet forum groups. I've been to three forums already, and I've had to leave all of them...


Every forum I go to, no matter how friendly or innocent, there has always been one or two members who do nothing except insult and offend other people. I've searched countless forums that didn't posses these idiots, but to no avail.

This is my story:

After monthes of wanderering, I finally discovered a site that I fit in with. The members welcomed me with open arms. As I began to make friends, I felt more content with my current life. I thought it would be a great place to stay. Oh... how very wrong I was. One single member decided to create a topic where he answered life questions from people, with rude and offensive answers. General Iznor was his name. He did mention at the starting of the topic that posters would be insulted, yet his behavior intrigued me... After reading several of his posts, I came to realize that this person wasn't just acting, the way he spoke....he showed no sense of remorse for others at all. I watched as he insulted people because of their religion, hobbies, or life styles. Another interesting aspect of him was his egotism. He apparently felt that he was higher than everyone else, and he roleplayed a super-intelligent extraterristrial that had a goal of destroying all humans CONSTANTLY. After doing a little research, I realized that he was a sociopath, not that it helped of course. Well, fast foward a few days later. A 12-year-old member named Cream created a topic where he complained that Iznor seriously harrassed him after he innocently stated that he used too much vulgar language. Out of sheer curiousity, I dug through the topic until I found what he said. These were his exact words: "Suck my balls you ass-raping son of a bitch". He said this to a 12-year-old, on a forum that highly prohibits such language. Unfortunately, my disorted sense of justice took over, and I began to stick up for Cream by complaining to the admins of the site why this bastard was getting away with sexual harrassment. Want to know what the they say? "Temper? Thats just normal Iznor. Too bad we still love him"

Temper. If I could get away with half the things that this bitch gets away with, and be instantly considered innocent just because "its my normal personality" then I could kill every single passerby I see, and make friends with everyone. Yes. This bastard has FRIENDS.

Apparently, some snitch tipped of Iznor that I was insulting him, and before I could comprehend what happened, he dished out this reply: "HAHAHAHA! Isn't this precious! The little man's staging an uprising! Hmph, conspirators! CAESAR MUST DIE! CAESAR MUST DIE! CAESAR MUST DIE! Cool your friggin' jets, Bastard! What the hell did I ever do to you? First of all, that wasn't sexual harassment. I'd rather take a bullet to the head than sexually-harass any of the repulsive individuals at this forum. Secondly, I wouldn't have said that at all if Cream didn't so blatantly insist that I bombarde him with vulgarity by pointing out that I swear a lot. Third, my topic DOES have a warning label on it, as YOU stated. You can't blame the manufacturers of the toaster if someone's stupid enough to throw it in the bathtub with them. He knew exactly what he'd get by envoking my wrath and was under no obligation to ever do it. Lastly, if the staff wants to ban me, they'll do it. They've never hesitated before and have no reason to hesitate now, so do stop trying to rally the admins against me with your defacing propaganda. Where's your sense of tolerance and respect? You can't call me scum when you're no better than I am."

He's right, he never did anything to me, but I grew disgusted at seeing him sexually harrass a young person for such a ridiculous reason. But what really hit me hard was the useless admins who let him get away with this stuff. What the fuck? Why should I have a sense of tolerance for him, when he has no sense of tolerance for anyone? And telling someone to "suck your balls" in a non-jokingly manner IS sexuall harassment in my opinion. The admins let him get away with it, I recieved NO thank-you from Cream for sticking up for him, and everyone on the forum thinks I'm a pyschopath.

I need to know: "How does a person like this make friends when he: 1. Hates everybody 2. Insults everybody, and 3. Has an overbearing sense of egotism." Whenever I meet new people, I always try to act respectful and courtious, but all I ever get is bullieded. Yet this.....this.........devil can make friends while insulting them every second.

I doubt I can stay here, either. Any second now, someone is going to reply with another smart-ass comment, and I'll have to leave again...and again....and again...............



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Don't be soo pessimistic person Dying,

I agree with you, people like him need to be stood up to before they go even further then they already have gone. I'm sorry the admins are too stuck up his ass to do anything about him.

I hope you don't get any stuck-up smart-ass comments and you decide to stay, most of the people on this forum will hopefully agree with what you say. Try toning down the swearing though please.
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