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    wow... today is just great. And yes I mean that to be sarcastic.... Girlfriend gets into an accident (she's okay) and now she has no car so it delays my plans just a little. I get into it with my ex because apparently I'm just an awful person (which yeah I probably am) and before I got to work apparently a cop or sheriff or somebody was up here looking for me... probably just to serve me papers of some sort. thats what the guy I work with told me anyways.. he said it seemed like they were just here to serve me papers. Which I can think of only 3 things that it would have anything to do with.. an unpaid bill, something to do with my son or I'm being evicted from my place of residence.

    So yeah... today has just been lovely. As usual... fuck all this....
  2. IV2010

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    hoping tomorrow will be better ...hold on ok
  3. total eclipse

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    I hope they don't come back and i hope you stay safe okay hugs
  4. Montana

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    what would be of good days without bad days???

    just remember there's a good one baking in the oven and it'll soon be delivered to you!