Damn i'm frustrated

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  1. pbobble

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    I'm really very frustrated today, and pretty depressed and angry right now.
    Sometimes life just seems to serve you plates of crap just after you've finished digesting the last one, and so the rant begins.

    I'm lonely, sat in on my own again, friends I have are busy or with partners, doing couple stuff. No girlfriend, shyness makes it so tough to find someone, problems make the relationship so difficult when I do, breakups trigger severe depression, depression harder to deal with now than before. Struggling to make new friends despite efforts, shyness again. Getting older in thirties now so people busy with their families.

    Unemployed living with only family member that seems to care, stuck in one room. Rest of family don't really seem interested, there all happy, well adjusted with relationships and jobs, I'm just the illegitimate half sibling, that's never really lived with them or been able to get to know them. Just have the uncomfortable "odd one out" family gatherings

    Want a family and the things others enjoy, want to be more relaxed about it, its so often on my mind.

    ADD makes it hard to concentrate and achieve the things I want, got diagnosis , can't get medication yet. Stupid health system.

    Now got osteoarthritis in my shoulder, recurring pain, prevents some exercise which I enjoy. Beginning to limit my ability to do Judo and Boxing, some of the few things I still enjoy.

    Damn negative thoughts and low self esteem, grrr

    Trained and studied for years to be a psychologist and therapist, can't do the work I'm trained for because I'm too depressed to be effective.

    Bad insomnia, resistant to Valium now, Valium supply down to last tablet tonight, can't get another prescription due to problems with potential addiction.

    Smoking 40-50 a day, pains in the chest, bad morning cough. Quit successfully for times, problems and depression, make relapses.

    Fat, make efforts to lose weight, compulsive eating reoccurs due to loneliness and depression, thwarting efforts.

    Feels like I'm running uphill sometimes

    Rant over, and if you've got this far, thanks for reading.
  2. truthhurts

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    read it, for what it's worth. sorry to hear about ur situation with ur family, i think i sort of kno how u feel, well, my parents fight a lot, one felt neglected and cheated first, the other snapped and cheated a lot worse[with a girl almost my age and 2 others], then they moved apart, almost signed for divorce, now they're back together. meaning quite a mess of a marriage they have. i got 2 younger sisters tho, but we don't get along too well, i don't think i cud ever tell them anything serious about myself, they'd very likely just rant it out to others. meaning i cant trust them. besides they're sort of young [14 and 16, myself 18]. wish u had a supportive family, i think it's very important to have one.
    if u want to talk, i'd be glad to listen u out, and support u as much as i can.
  3. total eclipse

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    Sorry you are feeling left out of the family hun wish you could do more together so you do not feel so alone hugs to you
  4. pbobble

    pbobble Well-Known Member

    Thanks to you both for reading, and for your support it is appreciated.
    Family difficulties are a tough one, with depression especially. At least one of my sisters is a little more open to spending time with me so that helps.

    Feeling a bit better today too, with depression the problems always feel and seem worse when your mood is low. There real problems of course, just when your mood is better you can deal with them better.

    Thanks again