damn insomnia

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  1. morning rush

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    I can't fucking sleep and I have to babysit in the morning for a friend so she can go to the doctor but its 5 am and I"m still awake...I spent 3 hours tossing and turning in my bed hoping to go to sleep, when that didn't work I got up and tried to do stuff and see if I was going to sleep...nope still awake..

    and now I'm pissed off, irritated, sad, disappointed and I think I will never have friends, never have a lover, never have anything so why bother with life, why bother come on the stupid fucking internet, and go on these stupid dating sites where all the men want is sex this sex that...once in a while its cool, but when its like the 5th guy in a row that asks for your yahoo, your webcam and what are you wearing etc...its pretty sad what my life has become...really sad...

    I just want to curl in a ball and die....why can't anybody love me, I try so hard to love people, to listen, be attentive and be there, but why haven't I met someone like that, that could take care of me a little...not asking for much just a little and I'll take care of him too...Is that really so hard?

    and when I go out with my friend to clubs and stuff some guys asked me if my friend was my lover and I was like no! this isn't the first time I was asked if I was a lesbian...so what the hell, is that what people think? I"m a lesbian? because I"m shy and I don't throw myself at men all the time? I don't get it....I really dont...
  2. Juliaa

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    I can not sleep either, and I have class in 4 hours. :/
    Well, those guys sound like scumbags, but there are lots of nice guys out there, you'll find one soon.
    I understand that as well, all I want is someone to love me.
    Have you ever thought being intimate with a woman? I'm just throwing it out there, but maybe you could try it out? My apologizes if this is too bold.
  3. IV2010

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    insomnia suks.....no wonder you feel that way...I hope you can get some rest and things look different tomorrow...:hugtackles:
  4. KittyGirl

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    Still sick in bed and unable to rest, so forgive me... I had a fit of giggles. I feel the same way-- it's frustrating most of the time but now it's at the point where I'm just hopeless and don't really care. (plus- I havent slept in a loooooong time. My brain is mush!)
    Yes, yes!! I've always been approached by more women than men. Infact; it's like... a 10:1 ratio that I would be approached by women more than men and... shame, shame, I am straight. I'm pretty girly, too- I've asked people before if I look like I'm gay and their response was a confuzzled "urr...not really?" XD
    Of course, there are alot of men who assume that if you are not all over them- you must be gay or something... because they are just that attractive and irresistible, right? :rolleyes:
  5. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    I'm not really attracted to women...it depends really I guess...there was a time where I thought I might but I realized I prefer men...but you never know who you fall in love with so...
  6. Domo

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    Aren't lesbians allowed to be girly?! ;)

    You probably just get approached by women a lot because you are beautiful and your style sets you apart from the 'norm'. Because you are not a sterotype, you are chucked into the whole gay/alternative lifestyle.