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Damn It

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I get so tired of this disease, its not fair that we have to hurt and hurt all the damn time for really nothing, we hold on to these excuses of why we feel bad, but is that the real reason, or is it just that we want to feel bad.

If we can change our outlook and our way of thinking for a day, why is it so damn hard to hang on to for long periods of time. You would think that the universe, GOD or whatever would give us, the ones that are like this for years at a time or our whole lives a break. Just remind us that our lives are worth living and that everything is going to be okay.

Such crap that good people have to deal with this, but there are so many low down trash that lives exciting and happy lives. Just not fair, usually Im one to say life is what we make it but damn it, even when we work hard, live right by whoever created the guidelines, we still get stomped on time and time again.

I hate to see my buddy hurting when all hes ever done is to love someone that couldnt love thierselves, I hate this world that we have to not only take on our own issues, mental problems, and whatever is handed down from our so called parents that then we get to grow up and deal with someone elses, and if it fails damn it they get blame us and we get to live with the guilt.

How can life expect so much from us, when its hard just to get out of bed every single damn day, literally have to talk myself into getting out of bed and come to work, to be a mom, to feel anything.

I just want to be in a padded room for an hour so I can throw a childish tantrum.


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I know.

It pains my heart too.

Seeing others hurting so much and feeling at a loss, not knowing what to do or how to be helpful. The only thing i know to do is be there as best i can. For all of us to be here for each other, the best we can be, and hope together, we find the strength to help keep each other going another minute, another hour, another day.

Here today, I see so many hurting and my heart wants to reach out to each sf family member. My own pain prevents me from touching in with everyone. This is one of those times the best i can do is leave hugs for everyone and hope they know my heart feels deeply despite my little "hug" emote.

**hugs** for you and for all.


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Thanks all for posting, it means alot to have people in your corner,

I just hope that you all know that I care and are here for you in any way I can be. I to have bad days where I see all the threads and sit and think of what I can say and fail to come up with anything useful. Sometimes it is what it is, just hate that Im not on the next block, would be nice to knock on door and offer a real hug.
Exactly! I'm so pissed that good people get the crappy end of the stick and those who lie about others, steal from them, throw them under the bus so they can get ahead - they all seem happy and successful and have lots of money and time to enjoy their lives and go on trips and everybody loves them. It's very unfair. The world is so corrupt and horrible that I think this is hell.

I've always been a fairly spritual person. Not a lot of formal religious training, but still believed and I'm starting to doubt. It seems there are no consequences for being evil.

Obviously I'm having a bad day, but did want to post in here to let you know that I read, I agree, and I support you. I would love a good temper tantrum too!


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I agree the only consiquence evil gets is to live with thierselves, to me thats not enough punishment, I am one to think that what goes around comes around so I try and live my life the right way, but what is the right way.

I dont know much about religion, this is a mystery for me, even though I grew up going to church most of my childhood. I cant seem to wrap my mind around if there is a greater good, why does so much bad happen.

Thanks for posting, hope your feeling better and that your finding this site useful to you, I know it has been for me and look forward to talking more.
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