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  1. i just made a huge post and it got eaten. :(

    oh well...can i make a home for myself here, please? i really need some friends.

    i'm really depressed...i'm 20 but feel like i've done nothing with my life, i feel like everyone is judging me and hating me, and i feel like my place in time is just going to be one big joke at my expense.

    i suppose i've come here for friends and for someone to put their arm around me and tell me everything is going to be fine.

    will it?

    i'll escape, with you...
    until the sun comes up,
    i can pluck you from your sleep
    and take you into my world.
    i love you...and since you left,
    all i can do is be nothing at all.
    i'll pretend you're still mine,
    in a time where your blank,
    we can love, and laugh, and live,
    just like we used to.
    and when you wake up,
    and i have to bring you back,
    let you go...
    i hope a piece of me,
    remains in you,
    despite me being nothing at all.
    i wish you'd never gone away,
    and i wish
    the sun would never come up again.

    by me - 23rd may.
  2. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    I like the last line of your poem.
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    :hug: <...cos u sound like u need one :smile:
  4. nonsum

    nonsum Member

    at damn near 19 i often feel as though i've done nothing with my life as well. yeah, there was school but even that turned out to be a failure. and i hear the whole feeling as though everyone is judging you and that feeling as though your life is the but end of some sick joke that the universe is playing. you just have to hold onto whatever shred of hope you can find that things will get better. that the joke will end and that people are not completely horrible. finding even one person that you can trust can do wonders for changing your thoughts about people and help you to feel that the world is not out to get you. doing that did so much good for me.

    i know that i'm just someone on the internet but if you need someone to talk to, a link to my email is in my sig and i can be found floating around cyberspace on aim at eudaemonistic. and last but not least: a big :hug: and an :alien2: because he seems like a cool guy.
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