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    im sorry i laughed when you told me something serious, i cannot help it i laugh when im nervous,i laughed when my god damn dog died..just believe me..

    im sorry ive been such a drag. i didnt mean to complain about everthing that was wrong..i held you too tightly maybe thats why i lost u..then again u broke up with me cuz i was TALKIN to other guys wtf I DIDNT CHEAT ON YOU

    I'm sorry you thought I was happy be broke up. I just think that if you cant change something nor accept it...u should laugh at it. then again you didnt seem so upset either

    im sorry for not giving you the attention you wanted. i gave other people attention and tried to make you jealous because i wanted fuckin attention too its not all about you

    im sorry you thought i didnt care. and im sorry i thought you didnt care.

    why the fuck did we break up if we are THE SAME ...we are both pretending to be friends with people on either the side of self centered pricks who think they OWN the world - stuck up their nose - or on the other side with people who drink their guts out every weekend and laugh about lame jokes... while in fact we are both right in between.. you know its fuckin true why cant you just fuckin see .. I KNOW YOU CAN SEE THROUGH ME IF YOU TRY youre the only one who got so close to knowing me please dont give it up we are the only ones who know we SI about each other that means sumthin idiot

    howww can i make him seee im what he though i was.. im not what he thinks i am now !!!