Damned Insurance


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Just got a letter from my insurance company. They are cancelling my employers current insurance plan next year. They will offer another but who knows what that will be like. And I may be in the midst of some significant health problems. I really think they should just kill all of us old people. We are nothing but a burden. They sure seem to be trying to kill us all. What with the difficulty of surviving when you are old. Unless you are filthy rich. I don't want to have to change doctors right now. Just go connected with a good cardiologist, but will probably lose him. Life really does suck!


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Medical insurance will keep me working until retirement. I feel for you. Even insurance has been going downhill in what they cover - they cover less and less. But I keep on going. 8 more years for me.


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I'm sorry to hear this, that does suck :( Sorry for the unpredictable situation it puts you in, good luck with your new insurance :)


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Hopefully the new insurance is as good as this one. My employer shit canned mine and it made me really anxious also but when it was replaced it was a lot of the same drs and I got to keep all my same people. Maybe that'll be similar for you *hug

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