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  1. Panic is devouring me whole,
    eats me alive, both mind and soul,
    racing in downward spiral
    This adult is but a child,
    terrified inside
    Wishing the world to go away,
    letting go responsibility
    For too much, for far too long,
    have I suffered such indignities
    that nothing will be right again
    for I’ve been forced, to giving in
    Tricked, coerced,
    by Life itself, foisting its worst,
    killing my spirit
    I now fear it,
    the echo in my ears,
    I hear it, constantly
    Ruling doubt and worry,
    through my days and nights,
    with no way to take my flight,
    no way out.
    I’ve tried to survive,
    but no longer know how
    Life, I want to hide
    I’ve fallen from your beloved skies
    Say you don’t see
    Tell me you’re not looking for me!
    For each time I’ve said
    I can take no more,
    you've opened the gate
    of another door

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  2. theleastofthese

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    I love it:smile: , especially the last six lines!:smile: :smile: But, as always, I don't love the feelings that produced it. I wish I could give you some peace but I've not much myself lately and none to spare.:sad:


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  3. Sadeyes

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    Ditto to what least has said, and here are hugs and smooches to you and her...with much caring, Jackie
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