Dancing in the moonlight

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    Dancing in the moonlight, everybody's feeling warm and bright......

    The pounding of heart becomes fainter,
    Blood cooling, slowing in vein,
    They move now, swifter, faster,
    As the life from this mortal he drains.

    Around and around to the music,
    The blood pounding in his ears,
    He is before him yet he cannot see him,
    He knows not the bringer of tears.

    Now away from the rest he twirls him,
    As his last breath escapes his lips,
    The music ends, he dips him low,
    And his life away from him slips.

    Too late he finally understands,
    That dancing with Death is he,
    Though he dances with us all, in time,
    The Last Dance is saved for thee.
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