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  1. How do I dance,
    is the music still there, within me ~
    And is it a worthy contribution,
    my effort to move
    towards truth;
    A truth that is mine,
    is sacred,
    and perhaps only and ever to me
    Or could it be universal…
    I have, as yet, survived,
    inspite of shattering knowledge,
    in nearly dying,
    inspite of a wounded soul,
    through questions unanswered, as always will be,
    asked with hubris or humility
    while despair had utterly consumed me
    (and may again),
    replacing Awe;
    the one true gift.

    And should I regain it,
    might that be
    my only legacy
    after and beyond the course
    of my small life’s brevity… ​
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    I like this one very much:smile:

    love, least
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.