Dang. The broken promise terror

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by ShyGuyDeluxe, May 29, 2014.

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  1. ShyGuyDeluxe

    ShyGuyDeluxe Active Member

    ok I'm 26 and live with my very controlling parents, and my dad just made fun of me a lot today for having Aspberger's and kept telling me I can't drink beer because 'he looked up a Sub-Reddit about aspberger's and the people there were drunks,' so they freak out about me ever drinking beer ever. Even though I act like a normal person, I don't do the things under Aspberger symptoms list like sitting like a bird and stuff..

    "dude, get out of there now," you might say, but yes I've been in contact with a company that's supposed to help me move out, it's just that they are going VERY, VERY, VERY slow with that. Very slow. Some Community Options thing that helps people be more independent (even tho I think I am independent,) and then helps them move out later.

    ok so ANYWAYS, The Broken Promise. One night last month I puked a lil bit from drinking beers, and everyone's still freakin' out about that and overreacting about it.
    Now this WHOLE MONTH OF MAY, my mom told me that if I drink no more than 1 beer a day this month, then I can drink as much as I want to on May 29th and onward when a certain game (mario kart8) comes out.

    I've been doing that. I was just at Niagra Falls and Canada and a Hookah bar and all kinds of crazy places this month, and I always made sure never to have more than 1 beer, STRICTLY so that she keeps that promise.

    She just changed the whole thing/promise/story into that I can only drink 3 beers a day (and since I'm staying up all night, tomorrow also counts as today, so it's like 3 beers every 2 days.)

    Gee, if I knew that, I would've gotten the stronger beer (the one I was puking on last month) instead of Rolling Rock, darn it, since I can only have 3 beers every 2 days.

    I went on a walk yesterday, like my counselar that's trying to help me move out said I should every day, and my parents picked me up saying they were gonna call 911 on me cuz I was missing.
    The same thing happened today, too, they were very mad.

    ookay, they just handed me my 3 Rolling Rocks of the day and told me I can have one now. Too bad the game I want them for won't be done downloading (it comes out at midnight online) until like 3am.

    im 26, I gotta wait for some Community Options service to help me move out when they FINALLY contact me again after all of these months, and I'm sick of being Restricted.

    And my parents told me that they are gonna Rage to my counselor AGAIN that I'm an alcoholic, and their probably once again gonna tell her to put me into some kind of program. (I convinced her not to do that, last time.)

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  2. oldprincess

    oldprincess New Member

    Alcohol is a depressant....why not change the whole picture yourself by refraining from beer totally.
  3. ShyGuyDeluxe

    ShyGuyDeluxe Active Member

    not gonna happen ~
    Oh my god
    Someone one NeoGAF this gaming message board where only certified people in the video game business etc. can post in
    just said
    they had 15 beers while playing Mario Kart 8, and that they're going to have a 16th beer now.
    How come my mom says I can only have 3 beers a day
    but these NeoGAF people are drinking like crazy playing these games?
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