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dangers of the internet

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This nurse sounds like a bitch.

Probly'll get hit by a car someday, hopefully. :)

The internet can be a down-right shithole at times. That's why I very rarely venture beyond the borders of SF and one or two other sites.


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I donno what to say. Tbh it's another reason to appricate this site and the way it's is maintained. And especially the people here.


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In the book "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk the lead character does something quite simular to this.

Reading about it in a work of fiction was bad enough.

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another man just convicted to for death of canadian girl and a guy he has gotten life imprison sick all of them are sick b as you say to take someones love one like that instead of encouraging them to get help


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I wouldn't call it a danger of the internet; the internet enables communication, it doesn't make people enter suicide pacts under false pretences.


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guys i just wanted to bring this thread up again

please dont give out your msn/yahoo/im or any forms of communication unless you truly know the person well

i hear too many "chats " are going away from sf and turning nasty

sf is a nice safe place to chat and is well moderated to keep the stalkers away

and any behaviour should be reported to a mod or at the very least someone who is a long time member/friend with many posts to their name

please be careful guys xx

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I agree totalling keep your personal information to family and friends you do trust okay and stay where it is safe thanks for the reminder hollowvoice


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I always use a proxy email on the web, never give out my full real name, never give out more than my county, never give out any phone numbers. I don't post pictures, I ignore people who freak me out, even if it's just a feeling, I don't mix my friends offline with people I meet online, and what information I do give out about my life would only lead you to my true identity if you already knew me offline. I don't trust anyone, irl or online, or at least I haven't for a long time, and so far it's worked out pretty well for me. as I remarked to a friend yesterday, paranoia has it's uses.


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This is what I've posted in another thread

I've been feeling miserable lately because of this issue.

All of my coworkers are on these social networks and I'm not.

They make fun of me infront of me and behind my back.

There is this one lady who makes fun of me the most and she is a fucking stalker. She stalks the other coworkers in the company and sees what they are doing. She even goes to the extent of researching families of coworkers. She spends 7 out of 8 hours everyday on facebook, twitter and other sites. The moment she hears a name, she google searches it to find dirt on that person. Her behaviour has become more and more hostile towards me, shes ganging up on me with other coworkers.

Recently my coworkers were making fun of another coworker as she had pictures of her boyfriend (whos 17yrs younger).I've reasons to not join social networks as I've a past and going on these networks would exacerbate the drama. Im sure I wont be able to get friends, because I've always been a loner. I don't connect with my age group, I only connect with old folks.

But this really making me feel like shit. Its got to the point where I almost want to leave my job, but getting a new job is impossible in this economy. And even many employers judge you based on whether you are on a social network or not.

I just feel like its a dead end for me. Im feeling like Osama bin Laden who had no where to run because of his actions.
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