Dark room, dark mind

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  1. luso

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    You can’t see
    All around is dark,
    You try to reach the light
    But its far away
    You scream for help
    No one can hear you
    You think about your life,
    Tears fall to the ground
    You panic, you scream to yourself
    You want to leave,
    The door is open but you can’t cross it
    You punch yourself in the face,
    You need a reason to cry some more,
    You sleep and dream about a perfect world,
    Wake with strength to stand up and cross the door,
    You come out and look for the perfect world,
    It’s not there,
    You keep looking for it,
    But you can’t find it,
    You loose you hope and quit.
    Confused and lost
    You realise you are awake and it was all a dream.
    You drop to you knees, scream to the sky and ask why,
    Punch the ground, and look up to face the world.
    Your eyes are red,
    You have no expression in your face
    And no hope in your heart.
    You go to the dark room again
    Swear you’ll cross it no more
    Sited in the bed you take a pill
    It will help you sleep
    You hope you’re having a nightmare
    And fall asleep.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.