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  1. Darkdragon44

    Darkdragon44 Well-Known Member

    "Looking For Angels"

    Going through this life looking for Angels
    People passing by, looking for Angels.

    Walk this world alone try to stay on my feet

    Sometimes crawl, fall, but I stand up cause I'm afraid to sleep
    And open my eyes to a new day, with all new problems and all new pain
    All the faces are filled with so much anger
    Losing our dignity and hope from fear of danger
    After all the wars, after settling the scores, at the break of dawn we will be deaf to the answers

    There's so much bigotry, misunderstanding and fear
    With eyes squinted and fists clinched we reach out for what is dear
    We want it we want
    We want a reason to live
    We're on a pilgrimage
    A crusade for hope
    Cause in our hearts and minds and souls we know

    We need it we need
    We need more than this

    Going through this life looking for angels
    People passing by looking for angels
    Walking down the streets looking for angels
    Everyone I meet looking for angels

    So many nations with so many hungry people
    So many homeless scrounging around for dirty needles
    On the rise, teen suicide, when we will realize
    we've been desensitized by the lies of the world
    We're oppressed and impressed by the greedy
    Whose hands squeeze the life out of the needy
    When will we learn that wars, threats, and regrets are the cause and effect of living in fear

    Who can help protect the innocence of our children
    Stolen on the internet with images they can't forget
    We want it we want
    We want a reason to live
    We represent a generation that wants to turn back a nation
    To let love be our light and salvation

    We need it we need
    We need more than this


    I became a savior to some kids I'll never meet
    Sent a check in the mail to buy them something to eat
    What will you do to make a difference, to make a change?

    What will you do to help someone along the way?
    Just a touch, a smile as you turn the other cheek
    Pray for your enemies, humble yourself, love's staring back at me
    In the midst of the most painful faces
    Angels show up in the strangest of places


    Walking down the streets looking for angels
    Everyone I meet looking for angels
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    thanks hun i like that song i do believe there are some angels out there not many but some hugs
  3. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Sweet Surrender

    Sweet Surrender
    Lost and alone on some forgotten highway,
    Travelled by many remembered by few;
    Looking for something that I can believe in,
    Looking for something that I’d like to do with my life.

    There’s nothing behind me and nothing that ties me
    To something that might have been true yesterday.
    Tomorrow is open and right now it seems to be more
    Than enough to just be there today

    And I don’t know what the future is holding in store;
    I don’t know where I’m going, I’m not sure where I’ve been.
    There’s a spirit that guides me, a light that shines for me;
    My life is worth the living, I don’t need to see the end

    Sweet, sweet surrender;
    Live, live without care;
    Like a fish in the water;
    Like a bird in the air.

    John Denver

    From ‘Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing’

    With love and light,

  4. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Doing The Right Things

    Doing The Right Things
    People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centred –
    You don’t have to like them, but love them anyway!

    They are all part of your own family;
    They are part of you and you are part of them;
    They may not yet know it, but you being wiser,
    Love them anyway!

    People may project their own ulterior motives onto you,
    And accuse you of having them.
    Rest safe in the knowledge that the Universe
    Knows their heart as well as yours –
    Do good anyway!

    If being successful means that we can only win
    False friends and real enemies –
    Succeed anyway!

    The good we do today, shall be forgotten tomorrow –
    Do it anyway!

    What may have taken years of building up,
    Could be destroyed overnight –
    Build anyway!

    People who are in need of our help,
    May attack us whilst we are trying to help them –
    Help anyway!

    Give the world the best that is within you,
    And should it be rejected, never stop giving –
    Give anyway!

    The Universal Law of Karma ensures that what we send
    Into the world, has to return to us:
    Give of your best and only the best is sure to return!

    Bishop Abel Muzorewa
    African Spiritual and Political Leader
    Edited by Aquarius

    From ‘Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing’


    With love and light,

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