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darkness and evil is the answer

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I've gotten to a point where I just can't take it anymore everyone treats me like shit. Like you saw on another one of my posts girls hate me and the only reason they exist is to see how they can piss me off and make me feel like shit. Then my homies pretty much suck what have those guys ever done for me. I was thinking Suicide is the answer and I feel like that is a good choice. However I'm also thinking about just being flat out evil for now on. I mean lie to everyone, see how I can use people and then hurt them, not give a fuck about anyone else but me. If there is no hope in life why not make it a game where the goal is to be the most cold ruthless person I can be


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However I'm also thinking about just being flat out evil for now on. I mean lie to everyone, see how I can use people and then hurt them, not give a fuck about anyone else but me.
Give it a try, its a primeval trait to get pleasure out of other peoples misery. I frequently experience sociopathic tendencies.


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elementdeckz24 - I'm sure girls do not hate you - I mean there are a lot of girls in the world - and although you might be a fairly fast guy - no way have you been fast enough to actually meet all the girls out there.

As for girls only existing to annoy you - I'm guessing you mean a few girls in your local area, but it might just mean one in particular said no to a date.

As for your 'homies' - I know what you mean - local lads from your area - the ones you would hang out with. More like associates than friends maybe. If your asking what they have done for you - I'm presuming not a lot - but if your depressed then its easy to see everyone as not being on your side.

I guess you think you have been too nice or something - but maybe its just the people around you who take advantage. Money is usually a big thing - if people are spending your cash and do not spend theirs - they are just mean and its easy to just not hang out with them.

What you should be doing is making a life for yourself - get an education, get a job and so on. Life is about more than that but any man has to accept that he needs to be educated - and this will always make you a better person. Try taking a few courses and meeting new people - because sometimes sticking around with the people you grew up with is no good.

Its also not worth falling out big time just because you have outgrown certain company - try to keep on good terms with people.

As for being a bit of a sociopath - and getting pleasure out of other people's misery - I can set about someone verbally - pick at them until they are ready to fight. Trouble is - I'd have to fight - so I limit this to verbal banter with people who are into that kind of banter. Being cruel is not the answer elementdeckz24 - but being more confident about yourself and being kind will make the right girls notice you.

Do you think that you as yourself are the man you are meant to be? You are young - you still have to define who you are as a man. Your struggling with this and obviously with depression as I assume your not here because you are overcome with the joys of life!

Seriously though - try to remember that the way you are feeling right now - you have to deal with the depression and make sure you don't make rash decisions. You are not alone in what you feel - and I've been where you are right now. I never went 'evil' but was a bad boy. I enjoyed a bit of chaos and was clever enough to make it happen or find it. But no way could I have even shouted at a child - and being nasty does not take brains, nor any vision. You become a bully - and even if got a woman you'd never have love in your soul.

Come on man - you need to change for sure - even the way your talking - putting yourself down so much - I'm telling you that the love of a good woman would soon settle all that!

You seem a decent guy to me - we all go through phases of thinking girls hate us - its insecurity! And lets face it - if you have depression that self hate CAN lead you to think you'd be better off if you were more nasty to people.

Anyhow - what else is going on ?

Have you had any treatment for depression - or have you got family you can talk this through with?

Keeping all this in is destructive - but I'm glad you have spoken out and think your just frustrated with things - angry for sure - but you can do things to help how you feel - and to have a more clear mind.

Sorry I've not picked up on this before - but I'm with you now and have a greater understanding of you were you are coming from.

Forget about turning evil - there's always some clued up psycho who will always be ahead of the game. There is no kudos in being evil - 99% of the time you'd have to be dealing coke just so you could beat up enough people for the 'rep' lol. In my area - they just shoot each other now - but someone has nuclear bombs which makes their effort just futile really.

Far too much competition in the 'evil' game - al those sicko serial killers - arms dealers and politicians!!!

Be nice - but don't be nice with your money to 'homies'. Pay for a date with a girl for sure - but if she asks for the most expensive meal and a £500 bottle of wine - run like the wind!!

Good luck - don't be so down on yourself.

Being nice does not mean being weak or a push over.

Best of luck there.
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