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  1. svm299

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    It all happened at once
    She knew she was gone
    Yet she still had a hunch
    That her predictions were wrong
    She had felt the snap
    From the core of her mind
    All she heard was a tap
    As the darkness arrived
    She took on some verses
    To recite all alone
    And through the blank curses
    She soon lost her tone
    Her skin had turned
    From light to pale
    Cause her soul had sent
    A virus to kill
    Her eyes gleamed
    As black as the night
    Muffled by screams
    Deprived of her light
    She just couldn’t tell
    If she were living in hell
    Or if it were the darkness
    That had her bound by a nail
    From then on out
    She would learn of the game
    And she sang of the curses
    As it left her insane
  2. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    powerful .... are you speaking from experience, a near death experience, sui attempt?
  3. svm299

    svm299 Member

    I wrote that when I was fourteen living with my alcoholic father. We were kept inside for days with nothing to do but argue with him and be kept in a room by ourselves. I just knew how darkness felt and even insanity at the time. I am 23 now. I still cherish the things I were able to write and express. I still struggle a lot. Thank you for reading.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.