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Date set. Time set. Attempt one did not work.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by wolf, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. wolf

    wolf Active Member

    I dont know where else to turn. I have been throwing hints to freinds.
    I planned this over 3 months ago. I will be attempting again to take my life.
    I told my freind we going away for 3 days. I only wanted him to come with to bring me back . I have tried to get over this depression. I have tried to move on. But it gets the better of me.

    I dont want to die like this. But its better than feeling like this.
  2. LtRoarke

    LtRoarke Guest

    Stay strong! Do not attempt suicide. You don't really want to die, but you feel it's the only way to prevent your pain. That is not so. Talk your feelings out with somebody, write them down. Sorting out your feelings might help you decide what you can do to lessen your pain. Depression is an ugly thing, but you can get over it, and suicide will only make things worse. Think of all the people you will leave behind, how would they feel if you died so soon?
    Talk to us, tell us what you're feeling, events that have added to those, and maybe we can offer more advice.
    Best wishes to you.
  3. wolf

    wolf Active Member

    I will try make a long story short. Last year around this time. I met a girl. Thought nothing of her really. But after a while I grew to love . We had everything in common . We where seen each other for a few months. When holiday time came . I I went one place she went another. I was going to meet up with her anyway. I travelled over 1200km to reach her. I got there everything was fine. Alot of complication went down freind fought people left . I ended up staying with her and her freind together with tomother strangers.
    Things went sour she regected me and only showed attention when she wanted something. I decided to stay and not drive back cause I cared for her. Cutting it short again..

    It end up me and her leaving 5 min after midnight. Driving through out the night.

    When we got back things where fine again.... I ended up thinking if I can move out and have my own place things would be great. So I did . got my house (for her) and tried everything in power not to loose her. But I did.

    She turned around and told me she cant do this anymore . We kept contact cause I was very depressed after that. Never went out for months not eating for days. One night we met I told her I love her, and we had something in my car. We came to the agreement things can go as they were.

    The day later she denide it and made a idiot of me in front of all my freinds. while she was trying to get with everyone in front of me.
    While this was happening I found out she was with around 4 other guys while with me.

    Cutting its short. Since then I can get over her cant belive the things she does and the person she really was. She went from girl with morals to someone who get a kick out of hurting people.

    I lived alone ever since. And every now and then the urge for suicide seems so sweet. I lost hope and gained it again. By meeting the most beautifull girl ever. I got to like her and she turned around and said she cant have a realtionship dew to family issues and troubles of her own.

    Getting that hope and that feeling again and ripping it out of my hands is killing me all over again.

    My freinds dont take me serious. Cause I got the house the car the looks the body and so forth. But I will givw all of that up for once in my life for girl to treat me like a person and not a tempary toy you find once a week..

    With none of my past realationship have ever cheated on the partner. It was the way I brought up. I am only 24 but cant carry on living if I am going to be screwed over again and again....

    If it reaches the 23 of this month and nothing improves . suicide is the only choice... There is nothing else except more pain..
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