Dating/relationships and Depression

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well, it's been sometime since I've had the will or time to get back on here. Things have gotten better, some worse
My latest concern regards the relationship between my boyfriend and myself and was looking for outside opinions or relatable experiences, if you'd care to share them.

We've been dating for just under 5 months, it's a short time, yet we've both developed strong feelings for each.
I'm unhappy with my life, I think about dying everyday, I hate my job and the prospects of continuing with my academics terrifies me, the attempt at changing my life seems hopeless and even with that change I feel I will never be satisfied with my life.
This in mind, how can I be in a relationship with someone?
How can I assure my love for them. I feel so guilty, as if I don't appreciate him, as if everything he does for me is just tossed aside. He's is terribly understanding and comforting... he has me thinking of going in to therapy, which might not be the worst idea.

Can anyone relate, how did your spouse respond, how can a couple have any chance at a future together when one of it's individuals is not sure if he wants one at all?


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I can't relate myself, but I can tell you that I've seen plenty of people in your position end up overcoming their issues through the help and inspiration of a loved one. He's willing to love you and support you despite your self-perception as burdensome and unreliable. He's also giving you decent advice about therapy that already seems to resonate with you.

I think that if you stay the course, remember his support and affections, and just be patient, you'll get better with time. A lot of people just need someone to give them a push or a reason to hold on. The fact that you're on here worried for his well-being is a good enough sign that your love is more assured than you think.

Hope all that helps. Best of luck to you.

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