Daughter was born two months early :/

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    So my wife had to have a emergency C-Section Because the baby wasn't getting enough oxygen and then the placenta detached apparently amongst other things. Well anyways my baby girl should be alright they are saying anyways and she is in neo natal and her lungs are still developing and everything. Well we named her Abbigail :smile: Welp and wife got to come home from the hospital today and she has basically slept it off and everything. I just all of a sudden feel so complete with my daughter born and everything.
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    Congratulations! I'm so glad mama and baby are doing well. Get some sleep while you can!
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    Congratulations hun on the birth of your beautiful daughter I am glad she made it here safely The neo natal team will take good care of her until sheis strong enough to come home
    She will have to develop her lungs more and gain more weight but she can do it hugs to you