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Dave Here Nice to meet you

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Hi people, i'm Dave, a student form Lancashire, i found this site, and wish to help people solve there problems and worries. I hope to have a good time here and meet many many people. I am happy to talk to anyone, anytime, via msn, email, pm or just by posting on the forum. I don't give out personal information such as mobile numbers or house address, so don't ask. Nice to meet you all and I hope I have a nice time here :)


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Hi Dave,
Welcome to the forum but if you're hoping to have fun you might find the AfterDark forum (for which there are links on the page) more to your liking, given this forum is to offer support and help to people in pain and distress.
Hi again members, thanks for the replys, hopefully i can help solve your problems and worries, i will also join the other forum called after dark if i can find the link. looking forward to seeing you around the forum :)


Welcome Dave, glad your apart of this wonderful supportive community.
If you have anything you want help with, feel free to PM me, or alot of the other supportive staff/members/ect ect. :)
Oh.. did i also mention.. the welcome? o.O
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