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day clinic?


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hi there

i was wondering if anyone has any experience with day clinics that they could share.
i've posted my story up in the crisis board but the short version is:
i'm out of meds,
my shrink is on holiday with no substitute and no answering machine,
other shrinks won't prescribe me anything,
the entire hospital is out of one of my meds (wellbutrin), and refuses to provide the other (ritalin) because it's potentially habit-forming.
i can't stop crying and panicking and hyperventilating for no reason at all and it is starting to get seriously fucking tiresome.
actually my shrink will be back from holiday on thursday, but, seriously, two days is a goddamn long time to sit around by yourself wishing the building would collapse on you just so you will have some peace of mind.
and also i have three houseguests coming tomorrow night.
i was thinking of checking myself in somewhere either tonight for overnight or tomorrow for the day but at the same time it seems like overreacting when i know that this is just because i don't have my meds and actually everything is more or less okay, except for all the broken glass and shit that needs to be cleaned up from yesterday's panic attack.

advice: appreciated.

total eclipse

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all i can tell you is take your empty containers to emergency dept of the hospital and get the oncall pdoc there to reorder them. Most pharmacist will give you a couple days meds until the doctor comes back go to your pharmacist and let them know what has happened and see if they will give you two days worth of your meds okay they have done this for me when doctor was away. if not take you empty pill bottles to emergency and tell them you need prescription renewed or you need two days worth of the meds until your doc returns That is what has worked before hugs


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thanks for your response, total eclipse.

that's exactly what i did this morning already, but the hospital didn't have one of my meds in stock and they wouldn't have been able to get them before friday. the other one is generic ritalin, which they wouldn't have given me anyway, but that one is a little less important.

total eclipse

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what abt your pharmacist hun mine have given me enough for two days until doc came back to give repeats on them talk to your pharmacist okay see what they can do for you hugs


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i don't really have a pharmacist - i just go to whichever one i'm passing by when i remember i have a prescription to fill :) germany has a law against pharmacy chains, which could be why there are at least 8 pharmacies within 10 minutes' walking distance from my house

thanks for the thought though


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upon further consideration i think i am going to just wait it out since she'll be back tomorrow.. i'll feel too silly going in and asking for one pill!

but i really would still like to hear about experiences with day clinics, if anyone has done them.

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