day1 in hell

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    i sit here and stare at the wall/ceiling but feel pain, no happiness, im so sick of feeling empty...its like im isolated in my own lil world...i smile and fake being happy but deep down i never really am
    grandparents dont know (been 2 years almost...i still dont understand how they havent seen the obvious)
    music is my main source of support now...Evanescence, Anathema, my playlists on the net. Anathema - anyone anywhere and lost control....Evanescence - everybody's fool and my immortal....
    the forums help a lil too, SF - daisychain, lea, CPessimist, number23, ImSoStupid, Susiq, Carinheart, and others.....
    i kno i shouldnt be at these places but where else am i supposed to go, my grandparents dont see it and i am too afraid to go looking for help myself.

    I dunno maybe this is my life, maybe i am supposed to live this pretty pathetic if u ask me
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    You're not pathetic Meg *Hug
    Stay Strong and I wish there was a viable option for you to seek help. Maybe a therapist you haven't seen before? Don't be afraid you have people on the forums giving you support *hug