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    I have been daydreaming a lot the last 2 years. I guess that's what happens you're life is at a complete standstill. I have imagined myself when all this is over and I was who I truly wanted to be. In my dream I come across a suicidal person. I want to help that person. I want to save him. I think about this constantly.

    But lately I realized that the person I so desperately want to save might be ME. That I need to rescue myself. Only problem is that I'm not capable of saving myself and more importantly I no longer WANT to be saved.
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    you acknowledge you cannot do this by yourself your are right You need help a councillor a therapist a psych doctor someone to help you get out of the place you are in. You want to be happy again so ask your GP to help you get therapy and get on different meds to help take away these distorted thoughts.
    Don't do this alone reach out and get help Two brains are better than one let someone help you.