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  1. absolution

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    So I called my therapist office to schedule myself for an intake to see a new therapist and had to leave a message :dry: well then my old therapist called and asked me if i would like to do DBT. I have done DBT before and it helped for a while but then i fell back into the same old habits so i am kinda doubtful about doing it again. Well i told her i would do it so i guess i am. :mhmm:
    Is it wierd that i am scared shitless to get help for myself? I hate feeling this way yet i am terrified of getting help.... :unsure: Does anyone else fear getting help even when you know you need it and you cant do it on your own?
    So i will be going to DBT group therapy as well as one on one therapy....But how open should i be with them? I have major trust issues and have been let down in the past by therapist that i trusted with my secrets. Im just kinda confused and ranting sorry....and im not even sure if this is in the right section :laugh:
    Thanks guys....love you all :grouphug:
  2. IV2010

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    hey Sam I think it's great that you are doing the DBT ....well done for taking that step.
    I think you should tell them as much as you can so they can give you the help you need....
    remember "practice makes perfect"..
    I know the feeling of not wanting to get help and being scared of what that might entail...but in the long run it's in our best interests to go for it...
    I look forward to hearing how the therapy works from your posts cos I'd never heard of it before...
    I hope it helps.....:hugtackles::wub:
  3. absolution

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    Its called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy :s
    been in it before....idk i think i am beyond help... :cry: :wub: :hug:
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