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deactivating facebook?...

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hey guys

was wondering if anyone on ur friends list are notified if you deactivate your FB account? im getting triggered too frequently so im gonna just make a fake name account and add like one or two people on it. that way i should be getting links that are making things worse.


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sorry i've no idea.. but I googled it and I don't think they are notified if you deactivate your account!


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No, when you go to deactivate Facebook you see a message that says "People will miss you! Send them a message?" (or something like that). You just message people if you want them to know, but you have probably figured that out :tongue:


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I deactivated my rl fb accounts months ago. Your friends aren't notified though some of mine did notice and txt me.
I've created an alternative fb account now under the same username as I have here on sf. I have only sf friends and one rl friend on it.

It is much less triggering personally and I don't have to keep worrying about sending replies to ridiculous msgs. Also I always feel like I can't just be honest and speak my mind on rl fb cos everyone starts panicking and worrying. It helps to have only friends added that understand.

Hope it goes well...

Hazel x


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Soz, but reading that back I just wanted to add that even though I called my previous account my 'real life' account, I've come to realise how artificial it really was... My new account is pure me...
Hope you can find the same too..

H x
i deactivated about a week and a half ago i told people that i was leaving only 1 person cared that i was going so i decided to just keep in contact with that one person
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