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Dead end

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I don't know what to do...

My life seems to be getting worse and worse. Everything is crashing down around me, and it feels like I can't even breathe. And now, aside from the emotional shit I'm going through, which is making me ridiculously suicidal already, everything else is screwing up. I am neck deep in financial issues, because for the past two years, my mental health has been spiralling again, and I've been a complete dickhead and not been able to keep on top of things. My memory is shocking, so I forget to do things as and when needed, which has resulted in things building up to the extent of being out of control. My flat is under threat of being repossessed, I'm being fined, I'm ridiculously overdrawn in my bank account. I'm pathetic, I can't even look after myself. I'm 22 and everything has gone wrong. I have no family, no friends, so I can't borrow money from anyone, and I seriously don't know what else to do. This is what tipped me over the edge last month when I was forced to go into hospital to stay safe. I really don't know what to do. Shit. And it is my own fault, because I should have been able to manage better.

Suicide seems to be the only way out.. seriously, even if I could get more psychiatric support, or felt worthy enough to get it, it wouldn't take the financial shit away. So seriously.. what are the other options? My life felt desperate and unbearable as it was... and now? With all this? I just... I don't know what to do. One thing after another, and I can't. I can't deal with it. I don't know how. I'm such a failure.


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Can you not get a credit advisor who can put all your bills together under one heading and decrease the amt of payments each month I know that is what my twin had to do. Look up in your area okay most are free to help you balance everything


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I don't think so. I live in rented accommodation from the council, which they are threatening to repossess. Also am getting fined by the council for being in arrears with my council tax. I don't think the government would accept any less money, and it is all so overwhelming. Also owe money to my old phone company. It's my own fault, and I shouldn't complain, but i can't see a way out from this.

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but there are credit advisors who do just that set up payment plans so everyone is happy they get their money but at a lower rate. call someone okay that deals with bankruptcy deals with credit payments You are not the only one that have been through this before call someone okay look up credit advisers in you area and ask questions


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hey lost you can speak with the council about the council tax you can get help if you can prove your situation you can get it spread over the 12 months instead of the usual ten you just gotta ask and tell them i know it seems like a big burdan around your neck atm but you must try to shrink the bills for a start once they know your situation they wont be so aggressive with you


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hugs Hun!! You DO HAVE friends... I am in a similar position financially but you are not alone!!!

I know thing seem really bad now, but take baby steps forward, if you call Citizens Advice Bureau they will advise you as to what you can do... there are options - I promise!! They were really helpful to us when my husband was made redundant and there is even a group that helps with filling out the forms for you so you don't even have to worry about that... so please call them and just hear what they say ok?
Also if you go to hospital you can tell them re your money probs and they can help you too.

I am here Hun, I may be scarce sometimes if I am ill but yeah I am here, sending you much love and hugs



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I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I've come back to this post a couple of times in the last day or so, and I really don't know what to write that can help. I agree with the posts mentioned about a credit advisor - two friends of mine who were in deep debt due to a gambling problem / due to a mortgage they couldn't pay back saw someone who consolidated their loans - so instead of paying a load of money to everyone, you just pay a less amount that covers all of your debts - so you're paying one loan instead five six seven etc. It worked for them, and it's something you can look into, although I think maybe the debt isn't what's really concerning you - I hear more of a desperation in your type as to how you're going to do this alone.

You're not a failure and you're not a dickhead, but it sounds like things have just gone a bit out of control - they've built up and now it seems too huge to tackle. What about making some priority lists and figuring out what is the most important thing you need to sort out first? Then doing one day at a time - put your hand on a bill, pay it immediately. Finish drinking from a mug, wash it there and then and another, and slowly slowly you'll get through it.

I'm thinking of you and really wishing a solution will come for you soon



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Oh sweety


Your situation is so similar to mine except Im thirty years older (but no wiser)
The advice to consolidate is good advice - you just (!) need to find the strength to organise it all.

Sending hugs x
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