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  1. xan

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    For the first half of my teenage years I had never had a girlfriend, I watched my friends get with lots of girls and moan about their problems with their relationships to me. I wished so hard that I could feel close to someone like that and vowed to make any girl who wanted me as happy as I could. When my first girlfriend did come around I did my best to be kind, caring, loving, understanding and open.

    It went well but ended due to us moving apart, now I'm with my second girlfriend and I love her as much as it's possible for me to love... although sometimes I wonder if that is very much at all, I think I'm a little dead inside for the most part. But I'm wondering wether it can really be true love if I'll just fall for the first girl who falls for me all the time? Maybe I shouldn't worry about it if I don't have much feelings left inside anyway, just devote myself to making her happy instead...

    I wonder if the walls I built up to stop myself hurting any more and to stop myself falling for her so much that I'd get jealous and such have been up so long I can't get through them to how I truely feel anymore >.<...
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    "True love" is not something you should be worried about. Today, tomorrow with your sweetie should be your main preoccupation. Make her happy. Be happy with her. If you manage that, what's the difference whether it's true love or not?
  3. Sadeyes

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    I think we all build up walls against painful things...the true test is how much we are willing to trust and become more vulnerable when a person deserving our trust comes along...J
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