Dead or Alive? - May Trigger, Please read rate and comment

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    Slashed my wrist to feel the pain
    Trying to hide the shame
    The deeper i go
    The more i feel the flow
    Killing my self
    All this shit just trying to sustain
    Drowning in a lake of vodka
    Falling farther and farther
    The deeper i go
    The farther i swim
    The faster i go
    The quicker i sink
    And realize reality
    Suffocating in smoke
    Trying to get high
    Reaching for the clouds
    Finding im almost there
    And i burn in the god damned atmosphere
    Falling back to the earth
    Wishing i could be riding home in a heist
    In a bed
    In unfamiliar places seeing unfamiliar faces
    Coughing up blood
    Gasping for air
    Are they just going to let me lay there?
    In and out of sleep
    Im still laying there
    I see it
    Its sitting there
    My ticket out of here
    I grab it
    But the damn bullet falls out of there
    I try to stand out of bed
    Fell to the floor
    Hands trembling
    I find the bullet
    Try to put it in there
    Reload the clip
    Cock it
    Put it to my head
    The Adrianne rushing
    I think to my self
    I cant do this shit
    I lay there
    Hours and Hours
    Dead or Alive?
    Past experience, exaggerated please read rate comment
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.