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  1. Raphael1

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    Catastrophic boredom.

    You want to pick up the guitar. But you can't play a thing.
    You want to animate a film. But you can't storyline.
    You want to travel the world. But you can't afford it.
    You want to get away from someone hateful. But you can't
    You want to get away from someone who believes different. You can't.
    You want to get away from someones indifference. But it's present.
    you want to get away from someone you don't get along with. You can't.

    You want to write poetry. But you can't think straight.
    You want to be a rockstar. But you can't sing.
    You work to enjoy your job. But you can't work at anything.
    You want to escape the house. But it's your home day and night.
    You want no distractions. They are everywhere.

    You want to express yourself. But you don't know how.
    You want to enjoy life. But it's a nightmare
    You want to cheer up. But depression plagues you.
    You want to turn on the charm. But your anti-social.
    You want to write a book. But you lack the ability.
    You want to save money. But your debts keep you poor.
    You want to be fashionable. But you have no sense of style.
    You want to enjoy art. But your favorite artists are dead.
    You want to be comfortable. But your environment is hostile.
    You want to have fun. But boredom plagues you.

    Why so many barriers. You want to be pure
    Why so many problems. You want to be perfect
    Why so much pain. You need relief.
    Why so selfish. You can't help others.

    Too much time. Then not enough.
    You feel lazy, then disabled.
    Too much stress. Then fear and loathing.
    You feel helpless, then insignificant.

    You want the same day over and over till you get it right.
    you want wealth and attention and fame.
    you want creativity and intelligence and power.
    you want eternity and a means to explore the universe.
    you want a way to escape all these limitations.

    you do not want what you have got.
    you want what you do not have.

    You want to scream. All is silent.
    The horror of the boredom. And all These limitations.
    You ask for help. But nothing answers.
    You are the help. You are responsible.

    Where's the rest of me? What happened?
    Say yes to me. I'm scared. Your frightened.
    I'm bruised too much. It's like the mirror is on fire.
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  2. total eclipse

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    What a struggle you are in i hope you can leave the person hurting you so you can do all you want. take care.
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